Our Pipe Tobaccos


For over 160 years Sutliff has been providing the market with some of the best tobaccos available.  The Sutliff line offers a wide variety with many options including English style tobaccos, non-aromatic, and aromatics.

Mac Baren 7 Seas

The Mac Baren 7 Seas tobaccos are a line of American style aromatics.

Predominately made out of Virginia tobaccos featuring a base of Burley, which is a light, air-cured tobacco. Using these bright-leaf tobaccos as the key component in these blends makes the taste more clear and crisp, avoiding any unpleasant aftertaste.

We also carry a few of the other blends in the MacBaren line; Plumcake, Scottish mixture and Latakia Flake. 

Super Value Pipe Tobacco

From the Sutliff Tobacco Company, this line of affordable pipe tobaccos were developed by master tobacco blenders using the traditional Cavendish method. They are guaranteed to be extra mild without any bite. We carry a wide variety of the Super Value blends--come in to the shop to see the entire line! 

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Our Pipes

Missouri Meerschaum

It is amazing that the Missouri Meershaum brand of pipes, known worldwide for their quality construction and easy smokability, are made just a few miles away in Washington, MO!  We at HogsHead proudly carry a a variety of these excellent pipes--come in and pick up your piece of MO history today! 

Italian Briar Pipes

We offer a solid assortment of entry-level briar pipes in the $30-$40 price range.  Come in to see our ever-evolving inventory!


Nording pipes have been handcrafted in Denmark since the 1960's, and are easily recognized as one of the world's best-smoking and well-crafted pipes.  Erik Nording has exacting standards for every pipe that is produced at his factory, and is continually focused on the innovation of perfecting function with form.  We are proud to carry a range of styles and prices of Nording pipes at HogsHead. Stop in and see our selection today! 

The Churchwarden

This pipe style, with an exceptionally long stem, supposedly was named after the wardens of churches. Back when the churches never locked their doors and needed a watchman, the watchman of the church at night couldn't be expected to go all night without a smoke! So they had pipes that were made so the smoke and the pipe wouldn't be in their line of sight as they kept watch. Also made popular by the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, Churchwarden pipes have become more popular in recent years. Come into HogsHead to pick up one for your collection! 

Other Pipe Brands

We regularly have in stock an assortment of quality smoking pipes (Chacom,  Vauen, Turkish Meerschaum, Peterson of Dublin).  If you know of a particular brand or style of pipe that you would like to pre-order, we will be happy to get it for you at the best possible price.  

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