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Origin: From the French word palliatif, dating back to 1535-45.early 15c., or directly from Medieval Latin palliativus "under cloak, covert,". 

Adjective--serving to palliate; relieving without curing

Noun--something that palliates, such as a sedative drug or agent

Our palliatives include the finest single-malt scotch, blended scotch, Irish whiskey, Kentucky Bourbons, rye whiskey, brandy, cognac, and other liquors that pair with the cigar and pipe-smoking experience. 


The Lounge at HogsHead Cigars & Fine Tobaccos is truly a relaxing experience far removed from the day to day worries of work and life...come in, slow down, and enjoy the camaraderie of historic, downtown Hermann.

The Privileges of Membership

HogsHead Cigars & Fine Tobaccos requires a Membership to utilize the smoking lounge facilities.


All Memberships include access to and use of the climate-controlled smoking lounge during normal business hours; free WiFi; phone charging stations; 2 flat screen TVs; outdoor patio area; and enjoyment of the complimentary coffee/tea/water/ice station while utilizing the  lounge.

Cigar & Pipe-tobacco smoking ONLY—cigarette smoking is not allowed inside lounge.


Our one-day use Membership costs $8/person, which can be satisfied by in-store purchases.

Weekend Pass

Includes a Membership for an entire weekend encompassing Friday-Sunday. Cutting fee is waived, and a Souvenir Membership Card is available. A weekend Membership is included complimentary to our guests staying at the Rafters B&B. 


Cigar Enthusiast & Pipe-Smokers Club

Each quarter the featured Cigar and Pipe Tobaccos for the quarter will be announced. 

Any time during EVERY month (once/month) during the quarter our Cigar & Pipe Club Members can come to the shop and get their 1/2 price featured cigar and bring a pipe to get their FREE bowl of featured pipe tobacco. 

Cigar/Pipe Club Members also always receive a 10% discount off of the featured cigar or pipe tobacco of the month (during the month it is featured) as well as priority invitation to cigar and pipe events throughout the year. 


Annual Membership

 Enjoy the smoking lounge and the above-mentioned benefits of Membership. In addition annual Members receive first invitation and a discount to attend special events, 10% discount off of all

in-store purchases (including boxes), special access and storage in Member's Only humidor, 4 complimentary guest passes/year (your guest enjoys all discounts and benefits of membership for the day), 2 rounds of 9-holes of golf (includes a cart) at Loutre Shore Country Club (additional rounds available for just $16/each--limit 2). 


Yearly Membership for spouse of current Member is only $75.

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